License FAQs

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Q. How the licensing model works.

It’s a per-user-per-computer licensing model, it means you are allowed to install and use the software on one specific computer per licensed user.

If you want to install the software on additional computers for the same user or for different users, you would need to obtain additional licenses to comply with the licensing terms.

If you are installing the license on remote server, each user of the LDAPSoft tool will be need a separate license.

Q. Is this perpetual license model with support, with an option for support renewal after a certain amount of time?

Yes, it's a perpetual license model with multiple support options. Customers can purchase a license for the software and choose between 1-year and 3-year maintenance support plans. Additionally, the license includes 6 months of free maintenance support, which offers additional assistance and updates during that period.

Maintenance support typically encompasses bug fixes, patches, and updates for a specific duration following the initial purchase. This support is vital to ensure the software remains up-to-date and functions properly.

Please note that customers cannot add support after the support maintenance period has expired. We do provide a grace period of 60 days to purchase maintenance support. However, once this grace period elapses, it will no longer be possible to acquire maintenance support, and customers will need to repurchase the license.