Set Attribute Editor


 Some attributes cannot be easily edited using the text editor.  To edit those fields LDAP Admin Tool provides special editors for some type of attributes and syntaxes. Following list show which editor is assigned to which field by default.


Attribute Type



 Boolean Editor


 DN Editor

Audio, Binary, Bit String, Certificate Certificate List, Certificate Pair

 File/Hex Dialog

Generalized Time

 Generalized Time Editor


 Image Editor


 Integer Editor


 Password Editor

Access Point, ACIItem, Attribute Type Description, Case Ignore List, Counter, Country String, Data Quality Syntax, Delivery Method, Directory String, DIT Content Rule Description, DL Submit Permission, DSA Quality Syntax, DSE Type, Facsimile Telephone Number, Fax, Guide, IA5String, LDAP Schema Definition, LDAP Schema Description, LDAP Syntax Description, Mail Preferences, Manager DsaIT Control Request, Master And Shadow Access Points, Matching Rule Description, MHS or Address, Modify Rights, Name and Optional UID, Name From description, Numeric String, Object Class Description, Octet List, Octet String, OID, Other Mailbox, Postal Address, Presentation Address, Printable String, Protocol Information, Server Side Sort Control Request, Server Side Sort Control Response, Substring Assertion, Subtree Specification, Supplier and Consumer, Supported Algorithm, Tagged Data, Tagged Name, Telephone Number, Telex Terminal Identifier, Telex Number, Typed Name, UTC Time

 Text Editor


You can modify the default assignment through the preferences menu, Click the Options| preferences from the main menu and then click the value editors from the left hand side preferences menu tree.

In the value editors you can edit the attribute editor assignment to attribute, edit the attribute editor assignment to the syntax.

To modify the attribute assignment click the "Edit" on the attribute type editor

To modify the syntax assignment click the "Edit" on the syntax type editor



You can also assign the editor by clicking the "Edit Value With .." from the right click context menu.


For example you want to open the attribute employeeNumber with an integer editor, you can do that by clicking the "Edit Value with..|Integer Editor" from the right click context menu



Oval: Changed from Text to IntegerOnce you open the attribute with the new editor, you can see that the attribute type for that attribute is permanently changed in LDAP Admin Tool to Integer. From now on this attribute will always open in integer editor until reassigned.




Note:  You can restore the attribute's default editor from the right-click context menu or you can restore all the attributes to their default value from the main preferences - Options|Preferences|ValueEditors -- Click Restore Defaults button (bottom left hand)



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