Random Alphabets Function (Version 3.2 onwards)


Random Alphabet function creates random alphabets, you can update an entry attribute with random alphabets using RandomAlphabets function.



RandomAlphabets(n) where n denotes the number of characters in the generated word for e.g RandomAlphabets9 will generate a word with 9 random characters


To Update a userPassword attribute of an entry with RandomNumbers you write sql statement as:

UPDATE cn=testuser4,ou=testusers,o=stooges set userPassword=RandomAlphabets9


Update Ldap Password with Random Random Password Update



To Update userPassword for all entries in a container you write sql statement as:

UPDATE ou=testusers,o=stooges set userPassword=RandomAlphabets9 subtreescope


Note: When writing update statement please make sure that you don't have any spaces after '=' operator


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