Create a New AD Container Entry


Open the New AD Container entry wizard, type a name for the new organization entry and fill in the required fileds, to open the New AD Container Entry wizard choose from one of the following options:






Parent DN of the new Entry. Type in the DN or browse, to select the DN. The drop-down list provides a history of recently used DN's.


RDN consist of identifier like (uid, cn, sn ..) and the name of the attribute. If it is a multivalve RDN like uid=jdoe,cn=manager click the add link to add more RDN rows.

Add link

For multivalue RDN click here to add more rows

DN Preview

Shows the complete DN of the new entry

Create Multiple Entries like this entry

Click here to create multiple entries


When all the fields are completed, click the Next button to provide attribute values. All fields in red must be completed to create entry(ies) or you will get an error.


Click Finish when done and it will create entry in the directory provided you have the permissions to do so and also it will show the newly created entry in the ldap explorer tree.


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