LDAP Admin Tool Features


1. Easy Ldap management

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to create and edit entries quickly. Ldap connection profiles give you the opportunity to connect to ldap in one touch and work with the selected ldap connection only. See the Connection Management


2. Access multiple directory servers

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to access OpenLDAP, Netscape/iPlanet, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, IBM Tivoli Directory, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Active Directory or any other LDAP v2 or LDAPv3 directory server.


3. Quickly browse large Directory trees

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to quickly manage and navigate through your directory. As your company grows, so does your network. LDAP admin tool can swiftly expand a vast directory tree and make it easily accessible.


4. Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing in LDAP Admin Tool lets you load different connections in separate tabs of a single admin tool window, so you can jump between them quickly and easily. Using tabs instead of new windows to display content creates a smaller memory footprint and therefore reduces the strain on the operating system and the directory servers.


5. Drag and Drop

LDAP Admin Tool provides you with an ability to copy or move objects across containers by a drag and drop operation inside the explorer tree, use Windows/Linux clipboard to copy a set of objects, DN, LDIF and so on. You can perform operations with a group of objects as well as with a single object. For details turn to the Editing the Directory section.


6. Powerful Attribute Editors

LDAP Admin Tool wizards and editors allow you to create, edit and delete attributes. It provides a set of powerful editors to edit the binary, Hex, File, image, object class, DN, Generalized Time, Boolean and Integer fields. You can find the detailed description in the Dialog Editors section.


7. Search

LDAP Admin Tool provides a powerful search tool which allows you either to create the search filter text directly or to build the filter visually by selecting the attributes.


8. SQL Search

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to search the LDAP using SQL like syntax. It provides two powerful tools which allow you either to edit query text directly with syntax highlighting or to build a query visually with a drag and drop of keywords and attributes. You can find the detailed description in the SQL Search section.


9. SSL

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to connect to the ldap server using SSL/TLS. You can add certificate to your store using Manage Certificates or it will prompt you to add the certificate to your store (Like any html browser... Would you like to continue any way?). See the SSL  section to learn the details.



10. Cross Server Operations

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to copy and paste data across servers (Servers must have the same schema). Please see the cross server operations section for more detail.


11. LDAP Bind

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to connect anonymously as well as with simple authentication.

If you don't know the complete bind DN you can connect anonymously and then select the user you want to bind with and rebind with that user.


12. Customization according to your preferences and needs

In LDAP Admin Tool you can customize the behavior of it tools and set a lot of other preferences

All the options and their meanings are listed within the Preferences dialog description.


13. Containers and sub entries


14. Multiple Entries/ Directory Sizing/Simulate Load

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to create multiple entries from any one entry. You can create hundred of thousand of entries from any one entry to determine the sizing of your ldap server or simulate the load by running multiple instances of LDAP Admin tool creating multiple entries.


15. Scheduling (Professional Edition Feature)

LDAP Admin Tool allows you schedule tasks using windows task scheduler or Linux cron. It allows you to write the data to file as well as send email with/without file attachment (To Schedule task please see Scheduling section of tutorials)


16. Run Saved Export Tasks from command line (Professional Edition Feature)

LDAP Admin Tool allows to run you saved export task from command (To run export from command line, please see Command line section of tutorials)


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