Generalized Time Editor

Generalized Time Editor is the default for the generalized time attribute. When you click the open dialog button the generalized time editor will parse and display the time in the field, if the field is empty if will display the current time. When you are done making the change click OK and the value will be save to directory provided you have the change directory permission.



1.     Clicking the Left and Right Arrows in the upper left increments/decrements the Month

2.     Clicking the Round Button between the Arrows set the selection to the Current Date

3.     Clicking the Month Label brings up a Context Menu with all 12 months

4.     Scrolling the mouse wheel over the Month Label increments/decrements the Month

5.     Scrolling the mouse wheel over the Year Label increments/decrements the Year

6.     Scrolling the mouse wheel over the Days scrolls the visible dates by 1 Week

7.     Alt-Clicking the Days brings up a Context Menu to set selection to the Current Date


Analog clock

The user is able to select a time (hour, minute, and second) by dragging the hands of the clock with the mouse.


The user may also set the selection in other ways:


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