Exporting Data using SQL


LDAP Admin Tool allows you to export data in CSV, Excel and LDIF file formats using SQL like syntax.


To Export the data in csv, excel or ldif format just type the sql statement in the sql editor and click the Export Button. When you click the export button an export dialog will open displaying the current sql or you can type the sql directly in the export dialog





Export Format (Excel, CSV, LDIF)

Select the data export format


File Name

The file to export to. Type in the full path or browse, to select the path on the file system. The drop-down list provides a history of recently used files.

Replace file if Exists

If the export file already exists, you must permit to overwrite the file or it will ask when you click Export.

Export DN

To export entry DN, check this box.

Export Operational Attributes

To export Operational Attributes such as createTimestamp, modifytimestamp etc.

To customize which operational attributes to export please see select operational attributes to display





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