Copy, Cut and Paste Entries across Servers

You can copy and paste entries from one server to the other server, provided both of them have the same schema. The ideal example is the copy operation between staging and production servers.


Warning:            Move Operation (Cut and Paste) will delete the entry (ies) from the source server after the operation is completed.


To copy entries across server, open two connections,


test1server - Connection to copy the data from

testserver2 - Connection to copy the data to


Select the test1server tab, and from the right click context menu, select the entry(ies) you want to copy to testServer2 as shown:





Now select the testserver2 tab, select the entry you want to paste this new entry and from the right-click context menu click paste



When you click paste, a progress bar dialog will appear to inform you about the progress of this operation.



When the operation is completed you will see that the new entries are created at the destination location



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