Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename and Delete

You can manipulate the directory tree using the cut, copy paste and delete operations. You can copy and move entries using drag and drop. These operations can be carried out on individual entries within the directory tree or on whole subtree(s).


When you select an entry all cut, copy, paste, rename and delete operations occur relative to this selected entry.



Removes the selected entry and any subentries



Copies the selected entry and any subentries



Prepares the selected entry and any subentries to be moved to a new location.



Either moves or copies a previously cut or copied entry (and any subentries) under the selected entry as child entries.


Since some subtree operations involving large number of entries, the operation can take a significant time to complete. The admin tool displays a progress bar if it estimates that the operation is extensive and will take more than a second to complete.


The progress bar displays the number of entries processed and estimates the proportions of the operation completed. When you want to stop the operation, you can click the Cancel button on the progress bar. When you do this, any changes already made will be kept.



To change the name of an entry, you need to change the value of the naming attribute. The naming attribute is the single attribute used to uniquely identify each entry in the directory.

You can rename the entry from the context menu (Right Click Menu).

Selecting rename from the context menu will draw a border around the entry where you can type the new name. LDAP Admin Tool will change the naming attribute of the entry to the new name.

When a parent is renamed, the DNs of the entries in the entire subtree under the parent also change.

If you rename an entry with subordinates, the subordinates are also renamed.


Note:  You must keep or enter the new identifier (uid, cn, ..) with value at the time of renaming entry or you will get an Invalid DN Syntax error.




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