Add New Attribute


When an attribute does not already have a value, but is available to a particular entry type, you can create it by finding the attribute in the list of blank-valued attributes at the bottom of the table and filling in the missing value.




If you want to add an attribute which is not in the blank-valued attributes list, you can add attribute using Add Attribute from the right click context menu or from the  drop down menu (top right hand tab menu). This will open the Add Attribute dialog, Select the attribute you want to add and move them to the New Attributes list using the >> button, Click next to provide value for the newly added attributes.




If the required object classes for those attributes are already a part of entry then you just have to provide the value of the entry.




If the required object classes are not part of the entry then it will show the list of object classes that will be added on the top pane and the list of all the new attributes which will be added, including the attribute you selected and the required attributes of the object classes in the bottom pane.



Note:  You must provide the value of the attributes in red to add the selected attributes. If you don't provide the required attributes, you will get the constraint violation error.




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