Add An Entry to Group

To add entry to a group, select the entry and from the right click context menu select 'Edit Group Membership'.

To Remove an entry from group - Click the Remove Link (Top Pane)

To add a group to entry - Click the Add Link (Bottom Pane)

You can also add an entry to group by selecting the group and from the right click context menu select 'Add/Remove Members'.


By default the application searches the complete tree for the groups and members. If the group search is taking a long time to return group and members, you can specify the containers to search for groups. To specify the group containers (If the search is running, first stop the search by click the 'Stop Fetching Groups' Button), click the 'Specify group Containers' Link. The link will open a dialog where you can enter one or multiple containers to search for the groups.


Note: To enable the the containers search, you must check the 'Search for groups in the following containers only'. If you don't check the box it will search the complete tree also if you check the box and don't provide any container it will search the whole tree for the group and members.




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