Working with SQL Editor


SQL Editor is an interface for creating and executing queries. It allows you to create and edit SQL text for the que, prepare and execute queries, and view the results of execution.

To open SQL Editor, select the SQL| SQL main menu item.



Working with editor area

The Editor area is provided for working with the text of the query. SQL keywords are highlighted in the text.  You can drag and drop keywords, operators, entry dn's, attributes or attribute values from the bottom pane. You can also add them to the editor by double clicking or from the popup menu.


Line Callout 3: Editor Area



Executing query and viewing results

To execute the query click the Execute button. If the query text is correct, the query is executed, and if the query statement is supposed to return data (e.g. SELECT statement), the Result tab opens with the data returned by the query. If an error occurs while executing the query, execution stop is stopped and the appropriate error message is displayed. 

The Result area displays the result data in table format.