The software supports connection to the directory server using TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer).

Presently it only supports TLS/SSL with server authentication. You can try communicating using SASL, all necessary tools for communicating using SASL are provided and it may work but it is not currently supported.

The software has made SSL communication simple for the users. If the Certificate is not in the key store it will prompt the user (just like any web browser) to either accept or reject the certificate. If the user accepts the certificate the connection will be made otherwise the connection is discarded.

To connect to the server using SSL, user must check the Use SSL/TLS box in the connection options or from the connection dialog at the time of making connection.



Note:   Make sure that you are using the correct port for SSL Communication (mostly 636) and the Use SSL/TLS box is checked.

If the server is using an unknown type of certificate, user will be prompted to accept or reject the certificate.




If user selected the "Always" option, the certificate will be stored in the keystore.

You can also view the certificate before accepting it. To view the certificate, click the view Certificate button on the Certificate Warning window