Explaining User Interface


This topic provides a brief guide to the components of user interface. For detailed descriptions see below.


LDAP Explorer Pane

The LDAP Explorer field occupies the left side of main window. It displays all the entries including system entries.

The explorer provides the fastest way to reach the entry properties and to perform the following operations with ldap entries using the popup menu:




Quick Search Toolbar

The quick search bar makes it possible to do common searches for example, specific employee name, part number, email address and so on, without having to access the menu bar or enter a complete LDAP-format search request.

You can quickly execute simple, single-attribute-value searches using the quick search bar, which contains a pull down list of common attribute types.



 The bars occupy the top of the main window. The Toolbars provide quick access to the most frequently-used functions. Just position the mouse over a tool and wait for a second to display a brief text describing what it is for.